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High quality rainwater tanks in Childers

Save the environment and save money too

With droughts becoming more commonplace and restrictions on water usage following suit, there has never been a better time to invest in a rainwater tank. Water tanks offer a valuable and cost-effective way of conserving water at home and at work, and are increasingly necessary in our ever-changing climate.

Whether you want to save water for your garden during droughts, or plan to use it for your business, water tanks will collect all the water you need when it is readily available. This means, when the time comes to conserve, you will have your own supply on hand and will not have to go without this necessity.
We are Childers' source for quality rainwater tanks

Professional water tank suppliers

Established in 2006, Childers Tanks has everything you need for collecting and storing water in an easy and efficient way. Based in Childers, and serving customers throughout Doolbi and the surrounding areas, we offer quality water tanks at affordable prices, with free quotes available for 
added convenience.

Our expert team will inspect your site to determine what products are best suited to your needs, and we guarantee fast turnaround times on all our work. As a locally owned and operated family company, we always ensure friendly service and a high standard of workmanship. 
All of our tradesmen are industry qualified in Rotational Moulding Certification 3, so you can rest assured that they will perform a highly professional job every time.

We provide:
  • Water tanks
  • Rotational moulding technology
  • Tank fittings
To make working with Childers Tanks even easier, we offer completely free delivery and will even deliver and install in-stock items on the same day.

Save the environment

  • Collective use of rainwater tanks can reduce the need for building new dams
  • Fewer chemicals would be needed to purify dam water for drinking
  • A rainwater tank holding 10,000 litres of water means less run-off in heavy downpours and a reduction in pollution washed into our rivers and seas 

Save your garden

  • Global warming increases the frequency of droughts, meaning more water restrictions – and the death of your garden
  • Bore water is no longer an available option due to restrictions
  • Rainwater tanks offer the only affordable way to drought-proof your garden

Save money

  • The Queensland government has already taken over water resources, and increased prices
  • Several of the newly-created regional Councils have significantly increased water usage charges already
  • ‘User-pays’ is now an accepted method of rationing scarce resources and the price of water is sure to increase more in the future
Having your own rainwater tanks can protect you from these price increases and save you money. What’s more, if you buy your tanks from Childers Tanks, our fantastic ‘factory to you’ pricing means it will cost much less than you think.

Call us today on 07 4126 2533 for more information about our water tanks in Childers or for a free quote! 
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